Simplified AI


COS X - a tech startup dedicated for enabling futuristic cloud solutions designed to solve real world problems.




First of its kind, completely unique, transparent, dependable AI platform where your business and personal life is no longer the same.



How about you need to do any core work only once and set the bot to do everything else based on your rules & checklists?


Why managing routines need to be tough?


Imagine a genie at your command following and responding to every single instruction of yours genuinely, however there is one catch you cannot change your past. So beware of what you wish for!



Welcome to experience smart work, true controls and liberation with Hellobot9...


9 unique integrated applications



Amplified Abundance 



Comprehensive Simplicity



Optimal Integrated Controls

One Book 


Sensible segmented authentic public and private directory , for sharing posts, instant chats and scheduling audio or video calls for communicating with ease. Managing professional & personal contacts will be seamless.



Authentic identity verification of users with master controls for access to personalized databases, signatures and documents enables freedom never experienced before.



Hire or get hired within 1 to 9 days. Experience instant hiring in real time. Directly connect with hiring decision makers, optimize your pitch with video resumes, & test trial work compatibilities with smart contracts.


Creating, signing, storing, sharing & verifying sensitive documents on digital blockchain enabled repository with integrated controls in real time for access, no fear of loss anytime and complete audit log.



Your work, time and efforts matters. Experience smart work to assign, manage, review, and pay for content, work and people safe and secured in real time with smart contracts.



Track goals, attendance, checklists, milestones and progress in real time personalize for customized requirements and collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders.



Create & manage invoices with collections, initiate instant payments and optimize track on all bills & expenses in real time with only one time efforts & comprehensive audit log. Personal & professional finances simplified.



Smart & sensible automated analytics for drawing key, measurable insights on data which matters and customized authentic reports. Set your direction, access & rules based on real data.

9 calls 


Your time is valuable. Simplifying & optimizing your sensitive communication effectively either it's scheduled broadcasts, setting ai bot for managing FAQs or automated questions for capturing response in real time from target audience with rating & ranking analytics, and audio/video calls with automated transcripts & audit log.